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GER & the Environment

Environmental awareness has become a key issue of our time. We at GER Industries are committed to help make a positive difference. The materials we use and the production methods we implement are focused on environmental responsibility without having to sacrificing product quality. We strive not only to produce the highest quality products for the Architectural Woodwork Industry and the Hotel Hospitality Industry, but to do so using sustainable methods and materials. GER is proud to be a member of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) as a chain of custody (CoC) fabricator. This status allows us to ensure that the products we use are harvested in a method that will protect our future. This combined with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards allows us to implement to proper materials for the project. We strongly encourage our clients to pursue one or both the FSC and LEED's compliant products whenever specifying a project. The cost associated with this is well worth ensuring a better future for us all to come. Please ask us about the availability of FSC® products. (FSC-C109137)

Waste reduction is a key component to our sustainability plan. We are proud to announce that over the last 5 years our material waste has decreased by 25%. This has been made possible with the efforts made by all our employees from the attention given by our office staff in the implementation of our paper and cardboard recycling program along with our ongoing transition to a paperless office environment. To our craftsmen and their constant awareness of how lumber and sheet good materials are utilized and avoiding material waste. All the way to our low VOC finish line and low pressure spray system that helps to apply a better finish with less overspray and air borne emissions.

Our program is constantly being revised and updated as we learn of new or better methods to improve our efforts to provide a better future to come. Please feel free to email us at info@ger-ami.com if you have any ideas to you would like to suggest.

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